Hello, my name is Gabrielle Bankston.

I completed my Bachelor's in Psychology at Winthrop University and I am local to Charleston. After spending some time at several Fortune 500 companies I decided on a less stressful career. So I got on the Internet and literally googled stress free jobs. On that list was massage therapy and I thought to myself "I can do that". Massage had a certain appeal to me. My son at birth was premature and at risk for cerebral palsy. His doctors told me walking maybe difficult or impossible for him. They also introduced me to a wonderful group called BabyNet. I called and they sent help over as soon as they could. This non-profit group introduced me to alternative medicine once again. With the help of a massage therapist and a physical therapist my son met all his milestones. He is no longer at risk for cerebral palsy and is an active player on his undefeated football team. If it wasn't for those women teaching me techniques, I'm not sure my son would be in such great shape.

So with this in mind I set out to become like those women who helped me help my child when I thought all hope was lost. I became a therapist and never looked back at the corporate world. It is with great pride that I massage to heal both the spirit and the body. I have found something I love to do and that is why I excel.

I went on to obtain my certification in Massage Therapy. As a member of the American Massage Therapy Association I find my career rewarding and empowering. I am a therapist who believes in a holistic approach to healing.

My focus is Neuromuscular therapy, but I also provide Prenatal, Swedish, Lymphatic, Reflexology, and Hot Stone. Each session I let my intuition guide me as I navigate through each muscle to bring the body peace and harmony. With each session I strive to engage patients in the massage. As I evaluate the muscle tissue, I give explanations and encourage muscle awareness. Know your body. Know yourself. Knowledge of self is the best way to achieve good health.